OOC: Permissions

MEDICAL INFO. He's small (5') and thin (95 lbs) for his age, but other than that he's perfectly a healthy 15 year old.
MENTAL INFO. No blatant mental illnesses, though if you ever see him in a fight you'll probably notice he seems pretty... cheerful about it. And while he isn't going to go around killing everyone on the caravan, he's also not above killing, especially in the middle of a fight. So maybe he's not the most stable person ever, but he's... um not that bad? Other than the whole God of Death thing.
FOURTH-WALLING. Go right ahead, this should be fun
PHYSICAL CONTACT. He's not going to have any real problem with it, so long as it's not interfering with something he's trying to do. Even then he's not going to shove so much as try and untangle the other person.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. He's capable of it, but he's probably not going to be looking for anything romantic. As for sexual.... um he's fifteen? Yeah... talk to me if you want to and we'll see I guess.
INJURE/KILL. No problems with the injury, seeing as the guy showed up here injured. Injury to the point of (non-permanent) death is fine too, just know that he's going to fight back, and dirty.
DEVICE HACKING. If you can outhack the kid then I guess? He's a pretty good hacker in his universe, not the best, but he's not bad, so it's not like it's going to be easy, just unlikely.
THREADJACKING Fine by me in most situations. If it seems iffy just shoot me an IM and ask.
ANYTHING ELSE. just ask! Really, I don't bite. Unless you want me to. ;D
awesome Duo

OOC: HMD/Concrit

So how am I doing on Everyone's Favorite Gundam Pilot? (his words, not mine >>) Am I ruining your childhood with my horrible portrayal? Or maybe I'm getting him right? Either way let me know. Actual crit is appreciated, flames are not. Anon commenting is turned on and IP logging is turned off
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